LOST IN WEDDING | Edition Vegan Gluten Free

This Tuesday Tuesday Tortenbodenschmuggler Klaus (Sex Gänge für ein Hallelujah) and Marky Quark (Die Glorreichen Sieden) are behind the pots where they create a refined vegan three course meal. There are seasonal and international ingredients, lots of love and no Riesenperlhühner on the plate.


Starter: Toasted tramezzini with apricot, soya beans, light grapes – hazelnut sauce, purslane
Main: Cooked amaranth with veggie salami wrapped in chard , ancho peperoni sugo (red pepper), shallots in the rear of balsamic with basil , aubergine cream puree
Dessert: Yofu agave ice, gelled clementines, sweetened pop corn , chocolate mint julienne

Please RSVP: stattbar@stattbad.net Classic-Vegan-Menu: 7,00 € / Giant-Vegan-Menu: 10,00 € / Super Giant 13,00 € (Please note the start time, the number of guests and the kind of menu)