Delano Smith Detroit (Mixmode)
Sven Weisemann (Mojuba)
Lady Blacktronika (Underground Quality)
Subjected (Vault Series)
I/Y & Dr. Rubinstein (Moments)

Goodbye May! For the month’s last Stattnacht we’re serving a gritty house party in our tribute the Boiler floor with two debuts. The Detroit veteran Delano Smith, who’s been around since the late Seventies, as well as the deep house queen Lady Blacktronika will play for us for the first time tonight. Good thing that Sven Weisemann has proved many times that his house roots are still an essential part of his multi-faceted sets.

Our tribute to the Bunker floor is also infused by this underground spirit: Not only with his label Vault Series, the Berlin-based Subjected has earned a reputation over the past few years that made him one of our favorite residents and brought him up with the likes of Speedy J and Oscar Mulero. Whether through their own releases or several sets at parties like Moments, Staub or Homopatik – the duo I/Y have established quite an impressive fan base that is already extending far beyond the Berlin techno bubble.

* We’re happy to have found this very special location to hold this quality line up. We will bring all of our effort and of course some very good sound systems!

Werkhalle, Neue Heimat, Revaler Str. / Ecke Modersohnstr., 10245 Berlin