The Last Stattnacht Of This Era

Prosumer (Potion, Playhouse)
Vakula (Leleka, Bandura, Firecracker)
Daniel Wang (Balihu, Playhouse)
Etapp Kyle (Klockworks, Prologue)
Mørbeck (Code Is Law)
Viktoria (LDNwht, VR)
Andrejko (Stattbad)
Simo Lorenz (Nachtstrom)

Garden: Sunday. In case the weather does not hold up, we’ll be save inside.

Ian Pooley (Pooled Music)
meggy (Suol)
Kate Miller (Figure Third)
Deviant Groove (Stattbad)

Raumagent Alpha (Transistors Of Mercy)
Briain (Büaladh)
Roman Ćinske (bytheinch)
+ more to come

Who says it is over? We do!
When STATTBAD had to close, one half of our heart stopped beating. The other half, which is the team of this project, kept beating and made it possible to end this era proud and with our head high. In order to focus on what is coming next we have to bring this to and end, wrap things up, reorganize, regain our powers and to look ahead.

As for now we invite you all for a wild ride at WERKHALLE and its garden (behind Neue Heimat) from Saturday, June 20th through Monday morning, June 22nd to finish what needs to be finished with everybody that became a part of STATTBAD in one way or another, as guest, team member, artist, partner, friend, supporter, renter, visionary or in whatever way you had a connection to the project to make it what it became.

For this rave we’ve prepared a program with long time favorites and residents who speak for themselves and don’t need much introduction.

Location directions: Werkhalle is located behind Neue Heimat. It is the last warehouse of the complex closest to the Modersohnbrücke