About Us

Art, music, design, food, urban- and street art – STATTBAD was not only a unique location, but also international venue of an interdisciplinary dialogue between the different forms of contemporary culture.

Designed by the architect Ludwig Hoffmann and built in 1907, the building was severely damaged in World War II and rebuilt in the 1960s. After closure of the public bathing compound in 2001, the former state swimming pool was finally reopened as a cultural hub – Stadtbad Wedding turned into STATTBAD.

With its small and large pools, partially existing locker rooms and prominent boiler room, the building complex is not only shaped by the aesthetics of the sixties but radiates an archaic as well as post-modern charm. The creative correlation between art and music was reflected by the multi-variant program and its diverse range, but also through several artists, designers and musicians that use studios, ateliers and offices on several floors inside of STATTBAD’s unique workspace.

Unfortunately, due to insufficient building security and not taken measures by the owner of the building the project STATTBAD had to shut down in May 2015.